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Community Centre, Bönnigheim

Procedure type
Restricted competition with preliminary application procedure

Services from p.a.
Building design (LP1 - 2)
Energy and sustainability strategy

Holy Cross Catholic Parish Bönnigheim

Processing period
Jul. 2014 

Project partner
raummanufaktur Alexander Scholtysek >>

Brief description
The new community centre thematically takes up the setback of the existing Holy Cross Church and thereby forms a new community square along See- and Annastrasse. The new building serves as the "back" and northern boundary of the new square, mediating between the urban spaces of Annastrasse and Seestrasse and juxtaposing the verticality of the church tower with a horizontal structure, achieving a structural affinity in demarcation to the cubatures of the residential buildings. The recess of the community centre exposes the church seen from the east and opens the square to Annastrasse. This is given a clear edge by the parallel building.

The new building is staggered in its height, grasps the square space in the south as a two-storey volume and steps down to a single-storey volume towards the community garden bordering it in the north. Internal space requirements (high room height in the hall, low height of the adjoining rooms) and urban spatial intentions towards Seestrasse and Annastrasse flow into the staggered volumetrics. The resulting roof areas are used in different ways (solar energy systems, green roof for rainwater management and roof terrace).

The new building is divided into different energy zones, which are supplied individually according to the respective specific energy requirements. Highly energy-efficient roof and façade surfaces reduce heat loss via the surfaces in winter. The south-facing offices on the upper floor allow for an optimal supply of daylight and maximum utilisation of passive solar gains in winter. To avoid summer heat loads, each window is fitted with movable blinds and a shading frame shaped according to the course of the sun.

Due to the specific requirements (heating and cooling), a combination of a reversible heat pump and an ice storage system is proposed as the energy system. The heat pump is operated with renewable electricity from the photovoltaic system integrated into the roof. The ice storage serves as an environmental source for both heat and cold. An optional electricity storage system enables efficient use of electricity from photovoltaics in the evening hours and increases the degree of self-use of active solar energy.