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Day facility Ensdorf-Duhamel (2nd prize)

Procedure type
Limited cooperative competition with preliminary application procedure 

Services provided by p.a.
Energy and sustainability strategy

Awarding authority
Municipality of Ensdorf / 
RAG Montan Immobilien GmbH

Processing period
Jan. 2015 until Mar. 2015

Project team
Machleidt GmbH (urban planning)
ATELIER LOIDL (open space)
performative architecture (energy + sustainability) 

Brief description
Due to the historical use as a colliery site in addition to new buildings, the resource water is present in very different stages and degrees of pollution. This concept sees this as a great opportunity to design new (water) landscapes.
A water axis forms the "backbone" of the neighbourhood. In addition to open spaces with a high quality of stay, areas for the purification of grey water from new buildings and for the retention of rainwater are attached to it. 
The neighbourhood's energy supply makes intelligent use of local energy sources such as waste heat from mine water, solar energy and local biomass (e.g. landscape conservation, biowaste and optionally black water). For this purpose, the construction of an anergy network in the low or cold temperature range is proposed. Necessary temperature levels will be provided by decentralised heat pumps.

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