Category: projects

Neckarbogen, Heilbronn

Procedure type
Direct commissioning for updating the framework planning 

Services provided by p.a.
Energy and climate protection strategy

City of Heilbronn, Planning and Building Law Office 

Processing period
Mar. 2013 until ongoing

Project partner
Machleidt GmbH (urban planning)
sinai Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH (open space)
Kaden + Partner (architecture)
R+T Ingenieure für Verkehrsplanung (mobility)
Darmstadt University of Technology FG ee - Prof. Manfred Hegger (energy model)
performative architektur (Energy + Sustainability)

Brief description
The aim of the project is the development of an energy and sustainability strategy in the context of the update of the urban planning "Neckarbogen, Heilbronn". In particular, the topics "decentralised water management", "energetic building quality" and "CO2 neutral energy supply" are dealt with.
Energetic building standards are defined according to individual aptitude, which results from the spatial location and type of structural use. Decentralised gas-powered combined heat and power systems, combined with photovoltaics on roofs, are proposed as energy systems. Active systems are to be integrated into the design of the roof landscapes with terraces and gardens.
In terms of open space, water plays an important conceptual role in the Neckarbogen project through the creation of two lakes and the immediate vicinity of the Altneckar. These are fed by purified wastewater from a greywater treatment system of low-polluted wastewater (e.g. washing machine, shower, kitchen, etc.), which leads to a 30% saving in drinking water.