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Polis Award 2017 - Urban land recycling for the Neckarbogen project, Heilbronn

On 20 May 2017, the project "Neckarbogen, Heilbronn" was awarded the Polis Award 2017 in the category "Urban Land Recycling". The inner-city development of derelict commercial and port areas was commissioned by and led by the Heilbronn City Planning Department and an interdisciplinary planning consortium. The team consists of the following partners:

Planning offices:

  • Machleidt GmbH Städtebau | Stadtplanung
  • SINAI Society of Landscape Architects GmbH
  • Kaden + Lager
  • performative architecture
  • R+T engineers for traffic planning
  • BUGA Heilbronn 2019 GmbH



Planning and Building Law Office Heilbronn, Dept. of Planning


Preisträger Polis Award 2017