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Primary school Krofdorf-Gleiberg (shortlist)

Procedure type
Restricted competition with preliminary application procedure

Services from p.a.
Energy concept 

Processing period
Nov. 2013 

Project partner
mijaa (architecture)
Christoph Drebes (energy concept)
performative architektur (energy concept) 

Brief description
The energy concept develops out of the logic of the spatial programme by forming energetic zones in the old and new buildings equivalent to the arrangement of use (cf. "onion principle"). These zones are conditioned according to their individual needs. The aim is to condition classrooms, the refectory and the all-day care area as "warm zones" (approx. 21°C) with a central CO2-controlled ventilation system according to the occupancy times, but to design climatically more robust areas such as corridors or foyers as "transition zones" with reduced interior temperatures (approx. 16°C in winter) and natural ventilation via windows. This can reduce the area of heated areas and save energy.