Solar Urbanism 2.0
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Solar Urbanism 2.0

Wurzbacher, Steffen 

Professional article


published in
German Architects' Journal, DAB North Rhine-Westphalia

Wurzbacher, Steffen: Solarer Städtebau 2.0. in: Deutsches Architektenblatt, DAB Nordrhein-Westfalen, 2013, Heft 9, S.26 - 27. 

Brief description
Solar Urbanism 2.0 provides an outline of the historical and future development of urban form under the influence of solar energy parameters. The thesis is put forward that the technical and tectonic possibilities available in different epochs for the use of solar energy favoured or produced specific forms in each case. While the row structures of Classical Modernism were preferably oriented east-west, planners of Passive House and PlusEnergy neighbourhoods turned building structures around in a north-south orientation. In the future, with a stronger focus on performance-related considerations of solar energy use, these north-south rows could again be critically questioned. It is possible that in the future even non-directional structures could enable better energy provision via active systems due to the uniform orientation components during the course of the day.