Category: projects

University campus, Heilbronn

Procedure type
Open competition with preliminary application procedure

Services provided by p.a.
Energy and sustainability strategy

Awarding authority
City of Heilbronn,
Planning and Building Law Office 

Processing period
Nov. 2013

Project partner
Machleidt GmbH (urban planning)
sinai Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH (open space)
Mola + Winkelmüller Architekten GmbH BDA (architecture)
performative architektur (energy + sustainability)

Brief description
The Heilbronn University Campus is to develop in a CO2-neutral manner as a component of a networked energy landscape in the Neckar Valley. The aim is to relate energy talents and deficits to each other by creating synergies. For example, surpluses in electricity production from photovoltaics can be "converted" into methane or hydrogen by reversible fuel cells in the neighbouring Neckarbogen, or local potentials such as waste heat from salt mines in the immediate vicinity can be activated energetically.

This waste heat, which is expected to be available all year round at a temperature of 20°C, will be used energetically for tempering (heating and cooling) the new university buildings. In the process, heat is extracted from the tunnel exhaust air via a heat exchanger and transferred to the required fresh air. This is then supplied to the university buildings via a distribution system.