Airbase, Oldenburg

  • Procedure type
    Direct commissioning for the feasibility study of an urban drainage system
  • Services provided by p.a.
    Feasibility study for urban drainage, (grey and black water), development of grey water treatment concepts, profitability calculations
  • Awarding authority
    Oldenburg East Frisian Water Association (OOWV)
  • Processing period
    May 2016 - Jan 2017
  • Brief description
    Size: 193ha BBL The city of Oldenburg plans to develop the area of the former air base into a sustainable quarter with high residential quality. In addition to the multi-layered goals of a sustainable and energy-efficient development, the quarter is also to be a pioneer in the use of water resources. The aim is to save valuable drinking water and reduce the daily amount of wastewater. For this purpose, various grey water concepts are being developed, which purify low-polluted wastewater within the area and treat it to produce maintenance water. The developed variants are divided into decentralized and centralized treatment plants. These are compared with each other with regard to their effectiveness, legal and financial framework conditions.