District city Darmstadt 2030+

  • Procedure type
    Direct commission for the development of a master plan "Quartiersstadt Darmstadt 2030+".
  • Services provided by p.a.
    Master plan, sustainability strategy
  • Awarding authority
    City of Darmstadt, Urban Planning Office
  • Processing period
    Nov 2017 - Oct 2018
  • Further project partners
    berchtoldkrass space & options
  • Brief description
    The project "Quartiersstadt" is part of the master plan process "Darmstadt 2030+". The task of the "Quartiersstadt" team is the elaboration of characteristic features as well as the creation of a sustainable development concept of Darmstadt's quarters. The overriding goal is to secure and improve the "good life" in Darmstadt in the long term. For this purpose, functionally related urban areas are identified on the basis of an iterative participation process with the citizens of Darmstadt. The resulting comprehensive analysis of the spatial, structural, cultural, social and climatic situation of the individual neighborhoods provides a detailed picture of their specific strengths and weaknesses. The definition of a Darmstadt neighborhood standard "DAQS2030+" provides the city with an instrument for concrete improvement of the specific situations in the individual neighborhoods. Here, necessary measures for the improvement of building and open space structures, climatic, functional and programmatic adjustments are described for the respective neighborhoods.