Oberer Säuterich, Karlsruhe

  • Procedure type
    Competition (Selected for further study)
  • Services provided by p.a.
    Architecture, energy and water management, sustainability strategy
  • Team
    Steffen Wurzbacher, David Sauerwein, Marius Magnus Riepe
  • Awarding authority
    City of Karlsruhe, City Planning Office
  • Processing period
    Since nov 2016
  • Further project partners
    Machleidt GmbH (urban planning), sinai Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH (open space), SHP Ingenieure GbR (traffic)
  • Brief description
    The Upper Säuterich is being developed as a beacon in terms of energy and water conservation. New buildings will be constructed in high energy envelope quality. The remaining very low energy demand is to be covered mainly by regenerative sources on the building itself or in the immediate surroundings. Approximately 25% of the roof surfaces will be equipped with photovoltaics. These will generate electricity primarily for the building's own use. Solar systems are to be integrated into the design. Optionally, the degree of electricity self-use can be further increased by integrating electromobility into the energy infrastructure. Heat is supplied via a "low-ex cold water network" (LX network) with decentralized (building-by-building) brine-to-water heat pumps. Overall, a high degree of resilient use of volatile renewable energies is targeted.