Regenentwässerung Krampnitz, Potsdam

  • Procedure type
    Open urban design competition in two phases
  • Services provided by p.a.
    Stormwater drainage concept
  • Awarding authority
    Development carrier Potsdam GmbH
  • Processing period
    Jul 2018 - Jun 2019
  • Further project partners
    Machleidt GmbH (urban planning) sinai Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH (open space) R+T Ingenieure für Verkehrsplanun (mobility)
  • Brief description
    In the north of the state capital Potsdam, the new district "Potsdam Krampnitz" is being developed on a former barracks site. The quarter is to provide living space for about 10,000 residents and represent a green city of short distances. The goal of the stormwater drainage concept is to develop a sustainable neighborhood that mimics the natural water balance. Since complete infiltration of rainwater is not possible due to the special local subsurface conditions on site, cascade-like retention volumes are proposed to clean accumulating rainwater and then feed it to evaporation. On private and public open spaces, larger retention volumes are also created via trough/rigole systems and rain gardens. The water that is not used for evaporation will be discharged into the surrounding lake landscape of the Krampnitz and Fahrländersee lakes. Overall, the aim is to achieve 60% evaporation.